Why should you add Ali Reviews extension to your browser?

Previously, you must wait for a long time to get reviews imported from AliExpress.com. It would take you 12 hours or more than a day to receive the review. As a result, many of you were discouraged, and uninstall our app.

To resolve this problem, we conducted the Ali Reviews extension and released it in Ali Reviews 1.3. That’s why we always ask you to add our extension to your browser once you successfully install our app.

To add the Ali Reviews extension, you just click on the “INSTALL EXTENSION” button. It only takes you less than 30 seconds for the whole installation process.

Import reviews from AliExpress into your store

Before you import reviews from AliExpress.com, make sure you have the URL of the product you would like to import its reviews to your product. After that, you should step-by-step follow the guide below to import reviews from AliExpress to your product detail page.

1. Access Ali Reviews app from your dashboard. After that, you will be redirected to the manage reviews page where you can import reviews from AliExpress.

2. Select the product you want to generate reviews. Then, click “ADD REVIEWS” button.

3. Enter the product URL from AliExpress. Then, click on the “NEXT” button.

4. Now, you will be prompted a screen that allows you to select criteria such as review stars, language, and maximum number of reviews for each item.

5. Wait until the import process is successfully completed.

That’s finished.